See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook by Beth I. Fishman-McCaffrey

See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook

Book Title: See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook

Publisher: HiClear Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 0984177930

Author: Beth I. Fishman-McCaffrey

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Beth I. Fishman-McCaffrey with See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook

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Tonight, there will be plenty of drama in American homes and not all of it on TV. Crying, nagging, cajoling and shouting will accompany bedtime rituals. Tomorrow morning, there will be more meltdowns as families try to get out the door for school, work and activities.

It does not have to be this way. What if you could visualize a calm, ordered routine that works for your family? Even better, what if your kids could too?

In See It. Say It. Do It! Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein lays out a 3-step method for boosting creativity, confidence and success in children. Here s how it works:
*See It - Visualize the goal
*Say It - Create a strong declaration of success
*Do It - Build and execute an action plan that works

In See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT!, the companion workbook to the breakthrough book See It. Say It. Do It!, Beth I. Fishman-McCaffrey, Particia Dunnigan and Dr. Hellerstein give a step-by-step plan for parents and children to create and visualize goals, complete with guided exercises, templates and organizational charts to make it happen.

Best of all, children set their own goals and create their own action plans. They experience pride in their own success while learning time management and organizational skills that will serve them for their entire lives.

Your How-To Tool Box Includes:
1. Fun, easy-to-follow visualization exercise for parents and children
2. Scripts, sample goal declarations and lists of powerful words and phrases
3. Ideas for inspiration and motivation
4. Ready-to-use charts and templates
5. Complete instructions and plenty of sample charts and projects
6. Activities, progress charts and reminder cards

See It! Say It! Do It! ORGANIZE IT!, gets busy kids and parents on track! Who Can Use See It! Say It! Do It! ORGANIZE IT!? 1. Parents who want to unlock their children s highest potential
2. Teachers who want to replace boredom with enthusiasm in their students
3. Anyone who wants to replace anger and frustration with the satisfaction of accomplishment.